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Roku Express vs. Amazon Fire TV stick


Want to know about Roku Express and amazon Fire TV Stick?

Okay, here’s the answer.

So, let’s we first discuss the Roku Express.


About Roku express:

Roku express is one of the advances and amazing model of the Roku. It is a streaming device that allows you to make your regular home TV smart. The Roku express is very much cost effective and it can be easily afforded by every user.

In addition to this, you can buy the Roku express once and use it regularly without paying any monthly bill. So, due to this fact you express is very much popular throughout the world.

Features of Roku express

1. Simple and comfortable to use.

2. Cost effective.

3. Efficient performance.

4. Easy to operate Roku express remote.


Roku express setup

In order to set up you express with your TV follow some easy and simple steps:


Choose a language:

1. In order to setup the Roku express, the first step is to power on the Roku express device.

2. Now you express shows you screen that asks you to select a language.

3. So, choose the appropriate language in which you are comfortable.


Make a connection:

1. In this step, first of all, you have to connect your Roku express with the internet connection.

2. You can connect either wired or wireless.

3. For a wired connection, use an ethernet cable, LAN cables, routers and modems.

4. For wireless connection, enter username and password.

5. As a result of this, you will see that you are now connected to the internet.


Wait for some time as your Roku Express is downloading the latest software:

1. Once you are successfully connected to the network, now your Roku express will automatically download the latest software.

2. After downloading the software, it starts rebooting itself.


Create  Roku account and activate your Roku Express:

1. If you want to activate your Roku express then firstly you need to link your Roku express with the Roku.com/link account.

2. So, for this, you need to create your own Roku account.

3. In order to create Roku account, you need to enter the personal information like




Contact number

Email address and

Payment methods

After creating the account, link that account with the Roku express.


Congratulations you are done:

1. As a result of all the above steps, you will see that you express gets activated.

2. So, finally, you can easily enjoy your Roku express.

3. This is all about you express. So, now let’s we talk about Amazon Fire TV Stick.


About Amazon Fire TV Stick

The amazon fire tv stick is one of the latest product of the amazon. Amazon fire TV stick provides you an easy way to access Hulu, Amazon videos, Netflix, HBO.

In addition to this, with amazon fire TV stick you are able to access a large collection of videos, TV shows, sports, music, photos, games and much more.    

As you all know that buffering is one of the biggest problems with the videos, in order to overcome this problem you can use the amazon fire TV stick.


Features of Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is almost same as that of Roku streaming stick. You can see the features of  Amazon Fire TV Stick. Scroll down and check out the features.

1. Simple and easy to use.

2. Easy to set up and carry.

3. Portable and flexible and more.


Setting up Amazon Fire TV Stick hardware

1. First of all, plug the one end of micro-USB power cable into fire TV Stick.

2. Insert the other end into the adapter and into the wall.

3. In the TV HDMI port, plug the fire TV stick.

4. Now, keep your TV on and plug the input into right HDMI port.

5. Bring your remote and insert a pair of AA batteries into remote.

6. Now, it’s time to connect your fire stick with the wireless network.

7. So, for this, you have to enter the username and the password.

8. Fire TV stick will automatically download the latest software.

9. As a result of all this, you will able to activate your fire TV stick.

10. So finally with all this, you can easily enjoy your amazon fire TV stick.